So you have landed on this blog post for a reason.  You are probably new to starting a blog or just getting serious about growing your blog.  I use many blogging tools for my blogs and now get to share with you the best ones that I have found.

blogging tools to grow your blog

What the heck are blogging tools and why you need them…

I want to talk a bit about when the internet started, back then we did not have the tools and programs to help us optimize our blogs so we were flying bling in that sense.  But now with all the amazing tools out their for our blogs you really can have an amazing and successful blog.

What is the reason you started your blog?  Think about it and write down why you started your blog and drop it in the comments under this blog post.  I want to hear all about why you decided to join the crazy world of blogging, which I might add is AMAZING.  It sure has it’s ups and downs but it is worth it and so much more.

My top Blogging Tools that I recommend for organization

You have your blog set up and now you are probably wondering how to keep it all organized.  I get it, trust me when I started blogging I was all over the place until I was able to get a plan in place and start using some organization tools that truly helped me and my blog.  

Like anything learning the tools will take a little bit of time, but make sure to stick with it.  Take the time to learn the tools I am sharing with you because they will help you organize the crap out of your blog posts, blog images, featured posts and much more.


Trello is truly amazing and the best part is that it has a free version that will allow you to do everything you need to do.  It allows you to organize things into what are called “Boards”. These boards allow you to create lists and cards. You can upload photos, documents and even have team members inside of Trello.  I use this with all of my clients and it works great.

You can access my complete Trello Training here for organizing your life and your business.  It has saved me more than once with tasks that have deadlines.  I keep everything in Trello including all my affiliate links, passwords and more.

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Next is Asana and this is another one of my favorites.  This will also help you with task management and is a great system to use for your blog posts and when and what needs to be done.  You can create lists, assign tasks and much more. Asana has a little more of a learning curve to it and it as well has a free version.  It truly comes down to preference and I use both Asana and Trello for my businesses.

Google Drive

Now this is one that I could never live without ever again.  All of the Google programs are amazing and all come with a free version.  I store all my business documents, photos, slideshow etc inside of google drive.  It also allows you to share folders with people and add people to a folder for easy collaboration.  You get 15 gigs of storage absolutely free. If you are not using google drive you will want to get using it starting today.

Google Calendar

Another one of my tops blogging tools that I use because I can write out all my deadlines and clients meetings into Google Calendar.  You can sync google calendar with so many amazing tools as well. You can even sync it with Trello. Start putting your blog posts for publishing in your Google Calendar and use it as an amazing tool for your blog.

Now the next list of blogging tools that I am going to cover is tools that will help with content creation and making your blog look professional right off the get go.

One of the most important things in your blog is having amazing images.  You want your blog to reflect your brand and style. Using google images can truly hurt your blog so I highly suggest taking a look at my top recommended tools for graphics.

Amazing Graphic Tools For Your Blog

You have probably noticed that the TOP BLOGGERS blogs look absolutely amazing and coordinated and that is because they are.  If you want to make a serious income off your blog you will want to have some amazing content creation tools up your sleeve to create those amazing and stunning graphics.

Stock Images and Photos – below are my all time favorite places to get amazing stock images that can fit your brands style

Pixi Stock

Alesha from Pixi Stock has amazing images to fit the ladypreneurs out there.  She has a super clean style and truly has images in all niches, colors and much more.  She keeps everything super organized and she even will create custom stock images too to cater to your blogs every need.  I cannot suggest Pixi Stock enough.

Ivory Mix

Do you love pinks, purples, blues or any color out there?  Ivory mix has an amazing library of gorgeous styled stock images to fit anyone’s needs on their blog.  I have used many of these photos on my website, sales pages, blog and opt in freebies that I create. Using them for your social media platforms will give you a nice style that reflects your brand.


This is another great photo site that will give you access to hundreds of thousands of photos to look through.  Be prepared to take some time looking for that right image. All of the photos are high resolution and can add a gorgeous touch to your blog, website and social media.  If you are trying to find photos through a color scheme this will not be a good option for that. SO allow yourself some time to do some sifting.


I have used pexels when I first started my blog as that was all I knew about.  Like Unsplash be prepared to do some digging and searching for that perfect image for your blog post.  There are thousands and thousands of photos to go through but remember that these are free images that everyone has access to.  

Now let’s move onto the tools that I use everyday for writing and mapping out my blog posts.

Writing Tools For Your Blog That You Need

It is super easy to revert to the tools that we were taught to use for writing essays and articles in school.  But sometimes the free tools are even better and will work with our blog posts easier and more efficient.

The blogging tools that I am recommending below I use each and everyday for all of my businesses.  I use them for creating my course content, blog posts and freebies. And guess what???? THEY ARE ALL FREE!

Google Docs

This is going to be a lifesaver for you and your blog posts.  It automatically saves your work as you go and all the formatting will carry over to your blog post with copy and pasting.  Previously I used Microsoft Word but sometimes the formatting would not carry over when I copy and pasted into my blog post. Google Docs allows you to use your H1 to H5 Headings and the auto-save feature is amazing.  I mean come on sometimes we forget to do things especially with kiddos running around.

Google Sheets

An absolute MUST for planning out blog posts.  I use google sheets to do all my keyword research, blog post planning, and all research for my blog posts.  Google has truly given us amazing free tools to keep our business and blog organized. Spreadsheets are my favorite blogging tool to use as I love the structure.


So you may be starting a blog or just establishing one.  I have come across lots of people that are so worried about their writing.  Do not let your writing skills hold you back from starting a blog. Grammarly is a great blogging tool that can help you with your writing.  They have a free version and a paid version. I have only been using the free version and it has done the trick.

Tools to help with your blog will make your life easier and truly benefit your blog as well.  Take the time to learn new tools for blogging.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Blogging Tools To Help Your Blog Rank

You have most likely read somewhere about SEO.  YES this is important and if you have not read my blog post on “What In The World Is SEO?” you can check it out and it will help you understand SEO.

The tools I use for my blog and SEO are below.  There are many SEO tools out there, these are the ones that I love and use daily.


My all time FAVORITE.  Yoast integrates with your WordPress blog and is absolutely amazing.  It will analyze your blog pages, and posts. It is super simple to use and makes SEO easier especially when you are new to blogging.  If your blog/website is not on WordPress or you are just starting a blog you can get your hosting through BlueHost and set up your One Click WordPress blog.

Google Keyword Planner

You are trying to rank your blog post on google so no better way to use a Google Tool to help your blog rank.  I use google keyword planner when planning out my blog posts. I keep a spreadsheet with my research and compile my data.  Google Keyword Planner will give you valuable information on;

  • How many monthly searches are done on your keyword
  • The level of competition for your keyword
  • Other related keywords to the keyword you have searched

Use the tools that google gives you to get your blog ranking.

Blogging Tip –  take the time to do your keyword research.  I do mine before I even start to write my blog post.  This way I know what keywords and long tail keywords I need to have in my blog post.

KW Finder

Here is another great SEO tool you can use for your blog.  It has a free version but you are limited to 5 searches daily.  Do not worry though because you can export your your search results into a spreadsheet.  What I like to do is plan out my blog content and keywords. I will do my 5 daily searches and export the data and create a folder with the keyword I have searched. This way I have all the research at my fingertips


Another one of my favorites to use.  It is super easy to navigate through. You can choose your region as wel on UberSuggest. It has a clean interface and lots of new bloggers find it more user friendly. It will give you similar results as the other SEO blogging tools out there.

There it is! 15 Blogging Tools to help you grow your blog and business.

Using tools for your blog can truly make a great impact and increase your productivity.  These blogging tools have been put out there to help use grow our businesses so why not use them.  You do not need to use all the tools that I have listed above, you could choose one or 2 from each category and be golden.

Once you get the hang of using the tools that you have chosen you could learn another.  They all have different features and that is why I use them in conjunction with one another.

Now are you on Pinterest?  If you are I would love to follow you and your blog and show some support to help you grow your rankings.  Drop your Pinterest username in the comments and I will be heading over to follow you and your amazing blog.

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