Affiliate marketing can be done by complete beginners with a simple easy to follow system in place and I am going to share with you my exact steps.  I profited Affiliate Marketing within the first few days of following a strategy.  First I want to cover some of the juicy details.


Can Affiliate Marketing Be Done Without A Website?


Affiliate marketing can be done without a website but I highly suggest you have a website with a blog.  The whole reason for this is because you want to be branding yourself and building trust with your audience and you want to be collecting emails for your own email list.  I am sure you have heard many top entrepreneurs say “The Money Is in the List”.  Guess what, it truly is and having your own email list is so beneficial to you and your business.

When you affiliate market without a custom landing page or website and try to direct link an affiliate link you could run into getting your account suspended on many social media platforms and pinterest.  SO always make sure to read the terms and conditions.

I know that many people stay away from getting a website or blog and the software that they truly need to be successful because of the cost.  I know that it took me a while to find something super affordable.  It does not have to cost you hundreds a month for website, blog, email service provider and landing pages and sales funnels.  Check out What I use here, and you will be so happy with all the tools it comes with. It truly is an all in one package in one place and I cannot be happier with it.


Can anyone do affiliate marketing?


Heck yes! That is one of the best things about affiliate marketing.  You simply apply to affiliate networks or to individuals that have affiliate products and apply and get your link to start promoting.  Some of the most common affiliate marketing networks for beginners are:

  • Clickbank
  • Warrior Plus
  • JVZoo
  • CJ Afflialte
  • Share A Share

Getting into some affiliate networks DO require that you have a website or blog.  The reason for this is so that you can run ads and banners on your website which therefore brings in more traffic to the affiliate offer that you are promoting.

Affiliate Marketing Is Profitable


Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable things you can do for working from home, you are simply sharing a service or product that you love and generating a commission from each sale.  I always recommend products and services that I back 100%.  The reason you want to support the products you are affiliate marketing is so that you are building trust with your viewers and customers.  I also use many of the products that I affiliate market and that is how I have done great with making sales and commissions.


Think about it like this…….

Would you buy health supplements and weightless supplements from someone that is not using them and can’t show results?  I know that I wouldn’t because I would want to have the whole trust factor in place and I would want to make sure the person I am buying from has some sort of results. It really depends on the product or service in my opinion.


Affiliate Marketing For Beginners


Making Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing


Now this is the BEST part of affiliate marketing.  There are many companies out there that pay you a recurring monthly commission for a service that you have been affiliate marketing.  The reason for this is the person that bought a product or service off you is paying a monthly fee. Now who does not like making money each and every month?  I sure like making monthly income.

Many of the companies that you will be using for your website, email marketing and blog have affiliate programs for after you get their service.  One of my favorite and simple to use systems for my email marketing is ConvertKit and they have an amazing affiliate program and their email marketing and landing pages are amazing too and it is so simple to set up.  So if you are just wanted to get started into email marketing grab their free trial.


Ok, Now Let’s Get Started With The Steps…….


Step Number 1 – you will want to apply too some affiliate networks.  I listed some above.

Step Number 2 – think about the type of products you want to affiliate and make sure that it pertains to your niche.

Step Number 3 – Think about where you want to promote your affiliate links.  I HIGHLY suggest blogging and getting a pinterest business account.  Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic and it is free to create a business account and get it all optimized.

Step Number 4 – Start driving traffic to your affiliate offer.


Find A Strategy and Stick with It


I think that this part is what people get stuck on.  You have to be consistent with your strategy and keep pushing forward.  I personally find pinerest to be the best place to affiliate market because over 80% of people on pinterest purchase something.  The next great thing about pinterest is that it is a search engine.  So people are search for products and services all the time.

The course that changed it all for me for affiliate marketing on pinterest was Making Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hrs this course changed my life and truly made the steps so simple to follow.  Also this course was affordable, at the time I was not wanting to dish out hundreds of dollars because I could not afford it.  I made my money back the second day after purchasing this course so I was super happy.


Have the Tools You Need To Grow


When we are in business for ourselves there are some tools that we absolutely need, affiliate marketing can be done without a website but…….. You will not be collecting those leads and basically throwing money out the door.  No thank you, I like money and I was not willing to throw it away.  Having Leads is money.

NO the tools do not need to cost you hundreds.  I use to pay over $300 monthly for my email service provider, website, sales funnels and blog.

Guess what??  Now I pay $30 monthly.  I love saving money and you can see the All in One Marketing Tools Here!


Ok so you have a bunch of information to get started and I cannot wait to see your results.

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