Do not let email marketing scare you at all.  Email List building  is one of the best things you can do for your business.  The reason you need to be list building is because YOU OWN YOUR LIST.


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1 | What you will need to start email list building and what is the best email marketing platform


Okay so if you are completely new to email marketing you are going to need a few things to get started.  You are going to need an email service provider, and lead capture page. There are many ways to capture leads for your email list.  I will break this down later on in this post.


My top recommended Email Service Providers are:


  • MailerLite – ( free up to 1000 subscribers and you get to use all the features)



2 | How to Start Your Email List For Free


I personally use MailerLite as it has a way more affordable price once you get over your 1000 subscribers.  I find it easy to use and it comes with landing pages, pop ups and forms that you can use to embed on your website.  


ConvertKit is also amazing and I was using them before MailerLite.  It does have a higher price tag but it was made for bloggers. ConvertKit also has lead pages, popups and forms to create for your website/blog.


Now you will need to have an Email Service Provider.


What an email service provider does is allows you to capture your potential clients email and name, and will allow you to send them email broadcasts with special promotions, offers and value.


3 | How to get people on your email list


This step I truly think people over complicate it.  DO NOT over complicate it! Think about how many times you have put your name and email address into a website to see or receive something.


You will want to provide your potential client/customer something worth signing up for.  This is when you can create a Freebie or a Lead Magnet. Check out my blog post on “How To Increase Business Productivity” and check out the freebie/lead magnet that I have done for that specific blog post.


Think about what people in your niche need and want.  How can your freebie/lead magnet help them…..


We all have value to provide and we all have knowledge to share, so think of what you can give away for free in order to receive a subscriber on your email list.


These freebies that you are giving away can be super simple.  Spend some time researching what others in your niche are giving away to build their lists.  RESEARCH is an amazing thing.


    • PDF Checklists, PDF Work Books, PDF Guidebooks


    • Emails containing training


    • Videos


  • Promotional Special Offers


After you start promoting your freebie you will begin to collect emails.  I launched a free pinterest training which you can get on my blog post Pinterest For Business: How To Rock It, that freebie gave me 59 subscribers in one day.  So if you provide what your audience wants and needs you will be able to build a relationship and nurture them with your emails.


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4 | Where to promote your freebie/lead magnet


How are you holding up?


Please do not let all of this scare you away from email list building because once you get an email marketing strategy in place and automate the heck out of it, it will become second nature.


Promoting your FREEBIE/LEAD MAGNET.  So you now have your freebie/lead magnet and you need to get people on your email list.  You can share many places and I am listing my favorite places.


    1. Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

2. Search Engines (Pinterest, Google, Bing, YouTube)


People are drawn to free things and especially things that can SOLVE a pain or a problem.  SO make sure your freebie/lead magnet is something that will help the people you are targeting.


5 | Now you have some subscribers coming in.  What you are going to do with your email list


Okay we both know that getting spammed with pitch after pitch emails is really annoying and doing this you can actually have subscribers unsubscribe and you DO NOT want this to happen.  This can make your emails end up in the spam folder if too many people start to unsubscribe.


I like to send out 2 emails a week personally.  I find this a good number for me. If I have a special promotion or sale going on on my graphic design business or courses I may send a third email.  You want to NURTURE Your email list. Provide lots of value before trying to sell them something.




Yes you have value to provide!  I get many students telling me they do not have value to provide.  Well this is NOT TRUE!


We all have amazing value to provide, we are all unique and are here to help others.  So dig deep and answer your audience. Find out what they need and provide it to them.


Remember to always have a solution to your audiences problems and pains.  Think about how you can help them ad how your business can help them.


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