Do you use Facebook Groups To Grow Your Business?

I never use to have Facebook groups until I was seeing so much success in others groups.  I noticed quickly how much engagement these Facebook groups were getting and how other ladypreneurs were growing their business and brand all through their group.

You May be asking yourself if you should use  Facebook Groups and my answer is YES YES YES.  A Facebook group is an amazing place to have people that are interested in your products or services.

How to Start A Facebook Group For Your Business….

OK this step is super easy and DO NOT start stressing over having another thing to manage.  Facebook groups have a scheduling feature right inside and you can batch out your content for a whole month if you would like.  I have also put together a guide “How To Grow Your Facebook Group” that you can grab totally free and it has tonnes of ideas and tips for you to start growing your group today.


Login to Facebook and go to Groups, and Create New Group.  Now after you create your Facebook Group you will want to fill out everything.  The about section, rules, and I also recommend having a pinned post at the top of your page that explains how your run your group.  Feel free to check my group and I would love to have you in my group too.


Start creating CONTENT for your group.  Your group is kind of like a business page so you want to be showing up for your audience on a daily basis.  This is why I like to schedule all my posts in advance.  I also allow certain days for promotions, and freebie giveaways.  Remember it is your group so run it how you like.  This is where having rules in place will help you.


Think about if you want your group to be public or closed.  I personally have chosen closed and I accept every new member.  There is a reason for this….  I keep track of every member and tag them in my weekly scheduling post and then do weekly member welcomes into my group.  I respond to all comments and posts in my group.  This shows people you genuinely care.  This is a MUST for you to build relationships with others so that in return they will get to know, like & trust you.

I get this questions asked lots “Can Facebook groups make money?”

Well heck YES they can make you money.  If you have your ideal target audience in your group and you are delivering VALUE to your group members they are going to trust you and you will have built a relationship with them.  But don’t forget it takes people sometimes 10 times or more of seeing a product or service before they will buy from you.  So do not get frustrated if you are not getting people to purchase the first time you post something.  This is one HUGE thing I have learned over the years of marketing online.

“After you provide value and give your audience what they need, they will then start to know, like and trust you.  Value must be given, so dig deep and think about what your audience needs.  Solve their pains and problems.”

Grow Your Facebook Groups

OK let’s talk about how to get people in your group…..

One thing you DO NOT want to do is add all your friends to your group. This is a huge NO NO and can actually hurt you and your brand.  Plus why would you want people in your Facebook Group that do not want to be there.

Quality Over Quantity

Share your new Facebook Group on your profile, and make sure to attach your new group to your Facebook Business Page.  By doing this you are showing your friends list and people that want to join can.

I also recommend joining other groups in your niche, many groups allow certain days to promote your group or Facebook page etc.  SO this is a great way to build your group as well.  Now before you post your post in one of these other groups I want you to go and engage on others posts inside that group.  This is great for Facebook algorithms and it will get more eyes on your post once you post.  It is a great practice to get into, and this goes for your profile as well.

OK so you have your group, you are creating content, and getting some people into your new Facebook group.  Now What????

Rinse and repeat, keep providing so much value to your group members.  Include them in posts, and ask questions.  People love to be involved in things and feel as they are part of the community.  And this is exactly what you have just created.  You have now created a community in your niche to have a place for others to come to get information and value.  You have created a space for people to get to know, like and trust you.  There are so many things you can promote in your Facebook group as well.  If do affiliate marketing it is a great place to recommend products and services that you use.  Make sure to check out my recent blog post “Beginner Steps To Affiliate Marketing” this article will show you how to get started with affiliate marketing.

Make sure to grab the free guidebook I have put together full of ideas and tips for you to grow your Facebook Group.  Try not to over complicate the process and have fun with your new group.  I would love to see what you have done with your group so please send me an invite.  I love showing others support on their businesses and sometimes that extra bit of engagement will help boost your posts.

Let your creativity flow when it comes to creating your new group and always remember not to reinvent the wheel.  Take a look at others Facebook Groups that they are using for their business.

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