how to start a blog with 5 steps


Congratulations!  Right now you are probably feeling super excited and a bit overwhelmed all at the same time.  This is totally normal and do not stress, trust me when I say blogging is so much fun. Sure it takes time and setting up your blog/website but I am going to break it down into simple steps to get you and your blog up and going TODAY. You are going to learn how to start a blog and not feel overwhelmed.


I know you are busy and you may even have little ones running around while you are trying to sneak in a minute for yourself…


I hear you, time is super important and I am a mom of 2 and know how hard it is to get even a few spare minutes of alone time.  By the end of this post you are going to know all the steps you need to know to get started with blogging. One of the most amazing benefits of blogging is that you can truly reach your audience and provide tonnes of value.


Step #1 Is Getting Hosting For your Blog


So first and foremost you need hosting for your blog/website.  Hosting is what will host your blog and allow it to be seen online to your readers.  There are many hosting providers out there. With being a graphic designer and building websites for clients I can hands down say that the best hosting company is BlueHost.



Choosing a Domain Name – you are going to have to choose a domain name for your blog.


When choosing a domain name make sure that it fits who you are and what you want to blog about.  If you are wanting to blog about food try thinking of a catchy blog name with the word food in it.  Take some time and think about what you really want to blog about.


BlueHost is my #1 that I recommend and this is personally what I am using.


I cannot say enough great things about BlueHost.  They have amazing deals, amazing support and you get a domain and domain email addresses with your hosting plan.  Depending how many years you register you hosting you can get an amazing deal. I personally use BlueHost and recommend to my clients to use bluehost.  Check out the amazing special on BlueHost Here with my sponsor link.



I wanted to touch base a bit about free blogging platforms or free blogging plans.  If you want to take your blog seriously and want others to take your blog seriously you will need to have a paid hosting plan.  Also this allows you to have more features and be in control on your blog. You may even one day want to have ads on your blog to earn a bit of an income.


Step #2 Login to Your BlueHost Account and then Choose A WordPress Theme


Now I hope you are getting excited because I sure am when I write this blog post.  This is because design and setting up websites & blogs truly makes me happy and it does not have to be a daunting task.  You are going to learn how to start a blog simply.


Login to BlueHost

login to bluehost dash board and get started on how to start a blog


OK so you have logged into BlueHost, and now you are going to CLICK ON the Blue Button that says Login To WordPress. 


Now trust me when I say “You Can Do This”.   There are tonnes of training videos online as well on how to customize your theme but do not worry I will be walking you through the steps on how to set up a basic FREE theme.


Choosing A WordPress Theme

how to start a blog using wordpress


SO you have now logged in and insides your Dashboard.  Over on the left hand side there is a tab called APPEARANCE. Click on this tab. Remember that learning how to start a blog should be fun and exciting.


After you click on APPEARANCE you will be directing to this next page.  Please see Below! Make sure to click on themes. This will let you view all the themes.


choosing a wordpress theme


Next you will see a bunch of themes, and when I say a bunch I mean a bunch.  Take your time and look through all the themes. DO NOT worry if you change your mind later you can always switch themes. So go ahead and choose a theme and make sure to press the ACTIVATE  button to make this theme active on your hosting account.



Okay I want you to take a little break and give yourself a huge high five because you are building your first ever blog and this is so exciting.  I am super excited for you and for everyone that decides to start blogging. Blogging has increase my businesses revenue and keeps bringing me in new leads daily.


Step #3 Customizing your New WordPress Theme


So you now have you theme picked out and it is time for the fun stuff.  Changing the theme photos and text is fun because now you can start creating your blog.  I will say that FREE themes are a little bit more limited than premium themes but that is okay when you are just starting out.  Start with a free theme and then down the road when you are ready you can upgrade to a paid custom theme if you choose.


Click On APPEARANCE and then Customize



Okay so now you will be inside where you can customize your theme  The best thing that you can do is play around with the side tabs.  You will be able to change images etc in your theme. Some themes will allow you to change fonts and colors.  It really depends on the theme that you have chosen.


Building a website or blog does take time, but you can do it and there are many amazing videos on YouTube.  


Step #4 Creating A Blog Post


I will not be going super in depth on how to write a blog post in full detail in this blog article because I am just help you get it set up and ready to rock and roll. Over on the left hand side in your WordPress back office you will see a POST tab.  You will need to click on that and then create post.




Make sure to click on ADD NEW to create a Brand New Post.  You will do this every time you write a blog post. Check out the picture below. This is where you start writing.  You will create a Title for your Blog post, and in the box below you start typing your content.  You can add photos and many other features into your blog post. You have now learned How To Start A Blog in Simple Steps.


write your blog post


Step #5 Publish Your Blog Once You Are Finished Designing


You have made it so far and I am sure you have had some ups and downs.  Designing can be frustrating sometimes I know. But learning how to design your own blog is an amazing feeling.  You have officially learnt How To Start A Blog and get it up and running.


You now have the basics down and know how to get your blog set up.  Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you can receive more value packed blog articles on how to master your business, brand and blog.

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