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Starting a blog can be an easy task especially if you have a full step by step tutorial on how to get everything set up, from getting your hosting to choosing your website/blog theme.  That is where I come in.  I am going to walk you through the easiest way to get your WordPress blog up and going.

First I want to talk about Hosting.  There is only one hosting company that I use and I highly recommend BlueHost. This hosting company makes installing WordPress super easy and painless.  They have amazing hosting plans and you also get a free domain, email accounts and SSL all in one package. Lets get started below and get your blog/website up and running today.


STEP #1: Get Your BlueHost Hosting Service Below (Click On The Photo)


Okay so you now are at the BlueHost main screen as you can see in the photo below.  I will be walking you through the whole process so you can get your blog up and running today.

start your blog today with bluehost

STEP #2: Next you need to choose your plan


Choosing a plan is completely up to you.  I love the Plus plan as this leaves you room for growth and you can have as main websites as you want on your hosting account.  All BlueHost plans come with a domain for 1 year free, domain emails and free SSL so check out the plans and find the one that best suites your needs.


select your bluehost plan

STEP #3: Now on the next screen you can choose a domain or use one you already own


Now it is time to choose your domain.  If you are starting a new website/blog try to choose a domain name that fits your brand & business.  Think of something catchy and memorable so that your audience will remember you.


choose your bluehost domain

 STEP #4: Next you will need to enter your payment information.


We are getting close to being finished with getting you all set up with your BlueHost hosting account.  Soon you will be diving in to creating your website/blog.  This step you will need to enter your payment information.  See the photo below.


enter your payment information

STEP #5: Now time to choose your password for your BlueHost Account


Now you are at the step where you will choose a password for your account.  You will click the button “Create Your Password” and then proceed to the following screen where it will allow you to choose your password.


setting a password for your acocunt

STEP #6: Now you can enter in your password that you want to have associated with your BlueHost Account


STEP #7: Time to login to your BlueHost Account


We are just about ready to start the fun part, which is choosing a theme for your blog/website.  There are many free themes to choose from.  First you will login to your account. See the photo below.



login to your bluehost account


STEP #8: You should now be logged in to your BlueHost Account, Now lets look at Themes!


The fun begins!  You have now logged in to your BlueHost account and now you are going to choose a theme for your WordPress blog/website.  There are many free themes and also premium themes to choose from.  When choosing a theme you will want to make sure the theme fits your needs, so you will be able to to look at the description and see the features it provides.  Make sure to choose a theme that fits your style.  Free themes are a little limited but there are some plugins that can help you with customization.


STEP # 9: After you choose a theme you will then login to your WordPress Dashboard


Do not let the WordPress dashboard scare you, WordPress is truly an amazing platform to build your blog/website and BlueHost has made this even easier with their one-click install.  


STEP #10: Welcome to your WordPress Dashboard


BlueHost makes the process of getting your site published easy with their BlueHost tools right on your WordPress Dashboard.  Checkout the photo below to get familiar with the BlueHost tools.



From your BlueHost tools you will be able to add a blog post, add a page and design and build your website & blog.  BlueHost has made the process really easy so that even beginners can launch a blog with simple to follow steps.

When you have designed your theme to how you want it, you can now LAUNCH your blog/website.  See the photo below on Launching your blog/website.


STEP #11: After you LAUNCH your blog/website is now active for the world to see.


You have now launched your blog/website and you must be so excited.  I know that I am excited for you and you have chosen an amazing hosting platform that gives you everything that you need and more.  The photo below shows your BlueHost Account panel.  You can do many things from inside your BlueHost account.  You will want to setup your domain email from inside your BlueHost account and you can do this on the Email Tab.


I hope this walk through on setting up your BlueHost account has helped.  You will be amazed at the support BlueHost has and they are always willing to help you along the way.

Remember that I am also here to help you get your blog set up and I have an amazing offer for everyone that purchased BlueHost Through my affiliate link which you can click on any of the BlueHost links and that will be my personal affiliate link.  I make a small commission from BlueHost and for my signups I offer a Premium theme installed on their WordPress site.  If you have not signed up for your BlueHost account you can simply click the photo below and get signed up.


If you have any questions about setting up your BlueHost account please fill out the contact form below and I will gladly help you through the process.

“Do not let the tech part scare you as it truly can be easy and exciting to create your brand.”

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