Hey There, yes you.  I know you are here because you are probably feeling overwhelmed and I know how that feels.  I remember when I was starting my first business and was so worried about how I was going to even make my business productive, especially since I had a toddler running around. It is time to increase your business productivity. I am here to tell you that organization and being productive can be done and quite easily if you have a process to follow.  And…… that is where I come in to help you.

How can we increase productivity in your small business?

Now let’s get started with some of the details and steps to start you getting more organized and increasing productivity in your business.  I know these little steps I am sharing with you probably seem super simple which they are, but if you are not holding yourself accountable and taking the actions then nothing will get you more organized and productive.  Actions speak louder than words. So promise me you are going to take action TODAY.

Productivity Tip #1 – Time Blocking

TIME BLOCK.  Yes I know we are all busy and most of us are building our empires with our little ones running around driving use crazy, but building your small business up is totally doable even with kids running around and asking for something every to minutes.   You must start time blocking.  Sit down and look at your day, and see where you can block out time for your business.  Your business productivity will increase drastically if you can start setting aside certain times to work on it.  Even if you have to get up an hour early in the morning DO IT. Or maybe you will need to stay up an hour later at night.  I find night works for me as I get much more done at night for some reason.

Maybe you are asking yourself “Why productivity is so important in a business?”

Well I will not sit here and sugar coat anything because I am not that type of person.  It is important if you want to grow your business. I mean think about it, we all start our own business or businesses like myself so that we have more time freedom, and more money.  So if you are not being productive with the time you have it will not benefit your business. I have mastered productivity so that I am only working on tasks that are possible income generating tasks.  

Productivity Tip #2 – Income Generating Tasks

INCOME GENERATING TASKS.  What tasks bring you in revenue?  What tasks for your business bring you in leads?  I want you to sit down with a pen and paper and answer those questions.   Maybe you are doing Facebook Lives and those are bringing you in leads and customers for your business.  Or maybe you are posting educational value posts for your target audience and this is bring you in sales and leads.  Really think about the tasks you do, and write a list of all the things you are doing daily for your business. Get rid of the ones that are not bringing you in leads or potential leads.

“ You want to be doing tasks and actions for your business that are valuable and that will bring your ideal customer/avatar to you.”

I want to talk about business productivity tools that will help you become more organized….

So I am a crazy organized person, organization excites me.  I was not always this way, but when I started my first business as a photographer 6 years ago I quickly discovered how important it was to become organized.  The hardest part was planning out my days and week at a glance. I have made a planner for you to download and print it out. I truly think that having a hard copy written in front of you is great.

Now the next tool that keeps me super organized and productivity flowing is a free tool called Trello.  Grab yourself the free TRELLO HERE. All you need is the free account. I am still using the free account and I keep everything in trello.

Productivity Tip #3 – Trello

TRELLO. Trello is going to be your best friend.  Well I want you to make it like a best friend.  Trello is a calendar, lists, tasks, an all in one tool for your business.  You can create a separate board for everything an anything. Look at my list of boards below:

  • Week At A Glance
  • Business Blueprint
  • Client Board (for Each Client)
  • Blogging Board
  • Launching A New Product
  • Workflows

Okay so that’s just a handful of my boards.  But I have everything separated into boards, then lists, then cards.  Trello also has amazing training tutorials on youtube so make sure to check them out. I do training inside my Facebook group as well on many tools and systems I use so make sure to Join The Community Here.

Okay so now you have time blocked, figured out income generating tasks and have the tools and planner.

Okay so now you have all these steps done and are ready to rock your business productivity.  But you have to actually do the steps, and then you RINSE & REPEAT.

Productivity Tip #4 – Maintaining the Plan

You have figured out everything you need to do in your business.  You should now know what tasks you have to complete daily and weekly and the planner printable download will help you out as well as trello. I know how easy it is to fall off a schedule and fall off track, but If you stick to it and make a habit of it, it will become so easy.  You will find yourself completing tasks faster. When you start to complete tasks faster start adding in some more tasks to your daily task list. Remember, Practice makes perfect.  I truly agree with this and that is the only way I was able to master my three businesses tasks.

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