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Do you have your business on Pinterest?

Pinterest may have less users than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but do not let this deter you from using this amazing search engine.  This is an amazing platform to be on and I will be covering this throughout this blog post.

Your perfect customer is on pinterest.  Did you know that for the most part pinterest has higher searches than google?  Now that is intense.  SO best to get your business rocking on pinterest.  make sure to start a Pinterest Business Account.

Pinterest Training

Are you getting annoyed with spending too much time on Facebook and not getting the reach you want?

Many of the common social media platforms go through regular algorithm changes and Facebook in general lately has made it super hard for the entrepreneur to get their content seen.  They have limited who they show your posts too, basically they want you to pay for ads.

Pinterest marketing is not new but many people shy away from it because they do not want to start a blog.  I can tell you that blogging once a week is way easier than posting on social media platforms each and every day.  I mean let’s face it…… We are busy entrepreneur or ladybosses and our time is valuable.

Check it out and listen closely…. I am going to share my top tips for you to increase your pinterest page views.

For testing purposes since I am one of those people that tests everything before I share.  I started a BRAND NEW Pinterest Business Account on September 16, 2018.

I started at the big fat ZERO like we all do and in one months time I have increase my monthly unique page views from 0 to 38,000 views.  It keeps rising daily too and I am going to share my tips so you can get your pinterest business account started off with a BANG. I am going to share these pinterest tips for your business so you can grow too.

Pinterest for Business

First thing you need to do…..

Get a Pinterest Business Account.  If you do not have one it is super easy to either convert your personal account or start a brand new account.  I will say that you do need a website, no you do not have to have blog posts up and you can verify your website later one.

Start your Pinterest For Your Business Here!

Now onto the Second Step…..

Create a Keyword Rich Profile and Description

Since Pinterest is a Search Engine we need to make sure we are using keywords that pertain to our niche.  SO if you are a graphic designer make sure to use that in your pinterest Account name.

Also make sure in your description to use a bunch of keywords that pertain to your niche.  Using keywords will allow your profile to show up when people for say search for Graphic designer.

Pinterest For Business

Third step, now let’s get into some strategies…..

You should start off with creating 15 to 20 Boards.  These boards will need a good board name with Keywords, and make sure that you also put keywords pertaining to your board in the board description.  THIS IS A MUST. DO NOT skip this step as it is truly so very important.

Example:  Board Name – Blogging Tips

Description:  Learn all about blogging.  You will learn blogging tips, blogging for beginners, wordpress tips, search engine optimization tips and much more.

Fourth thing that you want to do……  You will read different marketing strategies but this is working for me.

Create some personal boards that are things that you are genuinely interested in.

The reason I say to do this is because you still want to show people that you are a real person and that you still have other interests besides your business.  Also really dig deep and think about what your ideal customer likes. Think about the type of boards they may like.

You want people to see your pins pop up and you want to target people that may want your services.  If you are a graphic designer that is focusing on websites for small business owners you may want to create a board called “Small Business Owners”. Take the time to think about it.

Fifth Step for you to grow your Pinterest Business Account

You need to create a pinning strategy.  Now you can do this all manually if you would like, I use a program called TAILWIND and I absolutely love it.  The thing about pinterest and having all your boards is that you want to be pinning your content and others content into your boards each and every day.

If you have a new account and are just started out I recommend that you pinning about 5 to each board daily.  This is what I started with and I gradually increased. Tailwind is a program that will allow you to spend a bit of time scheduling and then set it and forget it.

Manual pinning is still a must because Pinterest call tell if you are on their site yourself.  So I like to make sure that I am on once a day and pin a few pins manually. You can try TAILWIND absolutely free with their trial.  Once you use it you will love it as much as I do and I am sure that tailwind is one of the reasons my account has grown so much. Grab your free Tailwind Trial Here.

Last but NOT LEAST….

You need to follow some people in your niche.  I am not saying go and follow thousands of people but you want to see how others are managing their pinterest accounts.  

Joining Group Boards is a great thing to do too, group boards allow you to post your pins into their groups and in return you pin others content.  Group Boards have rules so make sure to read the rules because the last thing you want is to be removed from a group board.

Pinterest for Business Training

I have done a Pinterest 101 Training that is absolutely free and it will walk you through and show you my Pinterest Account and how you can get started today.

Make sure to watch it and take action, because if you follow what I have told you I can tell you that your pinterest account will start to grow and grow.

I cannot wait to see your results on pinterest, so make sure to implement what I have told you and post a comment on the status of your Pinterest Business Account.

Spread the love and share so everyone can win!

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